Welcome to Winkl. Where Creators Matter.

Winkl is on a mission to help creators across the world succeed in whatever they choose to create.

Be it a blogger talking about her travels to Ethiopia, a photographer documenting the wildlife in the deep rainforests of Amazon, an influencer recommending her favorite dresses from the streets of New Delhi or a designer re-creating architecture from the Renaissance era.

Winkl helps creators:

  • Create their stunning website, a portfolio or even a blog in less than a minute with no hassle
  • Create inspiring stories & share their work with relevant audiences from across the world
  • Monetise their work by working with the right brands and partners who find value in what’s created

Our Team That Makes it Happen!

Rahul's profile picture
Thakur Rahul Singh

Co-Founder & CEO - Rahul has at-least 5 passions at any given point of time. He also likes flying planes!

Nikhil's profile picture
Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO - Nikhil loves physics, technology & reading books.

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Surabhi Rawat

Marketing Manager - Surabhi is an extrovert who is an ambivert who is an introvert. She loves Rudy (Her Dog).

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Pavan Tummala

Android Developer - Pavan loves reading books and creating games.

Join the team!

Check here for opportunities! You could also mail us at rahul@winkl.co or nikhil@winkl.co if you think you have something interesting to add to our team!